How do you want to be remembered?

A new exhibition opened a week ago at the Lettering Arts Centre in Snape Maltings, Suffolk. It commemorates 30 years of Memorials by Artists, founded by Harriet Frazer, working to support the creation of beautifully designed and created memorials.

You can see more details here:

Hazel Dolby and I put up pieces from the body of work we have been developing for the last 6 years, ‘Remembrance of people past’, working with the names of the unknown early Christian citizens of Rome whose names appear on fragments of their gravestones which can be seen collected and preserved in the churches of the city. Our theme is about life and death and remembrance and how even those we do not know are part of our collective memory.

Images of our work on the gallery wall:

1. Photographs of fragments from Rome

2. Small blocks, 16cmx7cm, made of different materials, recording Roman names.

3. Hazel’s large panel of paper, ink, dried flowers and tissue.

4. My large painted and sewn fabric panel. Text is ‘Life’, poetry by George Herbert together with

the Roman names.