Learning and writing

In July, it was my pleasure to have Oona Sullivan-Marcus come from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, come to study with me. She came with a specific aim in mind, to learn to write the Foundational Hand. To be able to write and enjoy the letter g was her particular focus - and she did indeed make some very pretty gs. 

So we looked carefully at the writing of the Ramsey Psalter, Harley MS 2904 in the British Library. Oona spent time analysing and copying the writing and looking especially at how the letters and the flow of the writing are influenced by the scribe's use of a quill. Oona decided to use quills herself and as the best way of consolidating and developing her learning, she decided to write a manuscript book for herself. She is using only a bottom guideline and writing without redoing, everything remains as a record of her progress.

Here's a double page opening of Oona's book to show her writing which is developing well: