For 12 days in July I worked with Richard Middleton and we discussed our writing, looked carefully at what each of us was doing and how we making and using our tools. This continued the support and trust in each other's work that began during our time together studying at Roehampton thirty years ago and which we have continued over the years, latterly by Skype and email. Our aim was to make a real thing from beginning to end, in this case from a piece of firewood to a finished book. Practice has value if it is real, something that Edward Johnston firmly advocated when teaching his students. We knew it would not be perfect, nothing can be, but our aim was to make something that was as good as it could be, working intuitively with our quills, ink, paint, wood and paper and with little prior planning.

Here is the finished book, Richard made the wooden boards, cut the paper and wrote the text of some Psalms in Latin, I painted the titles and numbers and then bound the book.