Teaching is an import element of my work, sharing and passing on the skills to others is vital for the continued life of calligraphy as well as my own development. I teach workshops on a regular basis and here you can see some images of students'  work from recent workshops, the first two are bookmaking workshops at West Dean College and the other two are from a painted lettering workshop at the European Lettering Institute in Bruges. 


Upcoming workshops are:

Summer School in Winter, the Calligraphy Society of Melbourne, in Melbourne Australia, from June 29th-July 3rd 2016: Painted Lettering and the Writing of the Ramsey Psalter.

West Dean College, Sussex, UK: Calligraphy - painting lettering on different surfaces, 26-29th August 2016; Making Embossed paper, 29th August - 1st September 2016.